No garden is too large for XXLHose ™

Expands up to 3 times its length

Not long enough?

Differently from other hoses, another advantage of the XXL HOSE ™ is that you can securely interconnect several of them to get a longer hose! Unscrew one of the heads and replace it with another XXL HOSE ™ of the length you need!
Using several interconnected XXL HOSE ™s you won’t lose any of the jet functions and your hose will still expand and shrink!

Watering modes

7 jet modes for different needs. Spray your plants with water to keep them wet or water them thoroughly, use the pressure jet to wash the floor or your car… There are endless possibilities! To change mode simply turn the hose head until the writing matches the desired mode.


5 different sizes

XXL HOSE ™ is available in 5 different lengths to perfectly fit the needs of every user. When you open the water tap, the XXL HOSE ™ will start to expand due to water pressure trebling its length in seconds. Measures of extended hose:

Blue XXL HOSE ™: 7.5m (25feet) MSRP €39

Yellow XXL HOSE ™: 15m (50feet) MSRP €59

Green XXL HOSE ™: 22.5m (75feet) MSRP €79

Red XXL HOSE ™: 30m (100feet) MSRP €89

Brown XXL HOSE ™: 45m (150feet) MSRP €99

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